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Updated on03/04/2017
Mulchers Model : 87FM
The Rayco 87 combines compact size with versatility and speed. These unit are great for working in s
Updated on30/03/2017
Mulchers Model : Bron 475
The Bron 475 is a tough and reliable mulcher, built to perform well in some of the roughest conditio
Updated on30/03/2017
Mulchers Model : Bron 500
The Bron 500 is a tough and reliable mulcher, built to perform well in some of the roughest conditio
2012 Vermeer SC252 Stump Grinder- E6262
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2012 Caterpillar 553C Forestry Machinery- E6227
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South Carolina United States
Log Loaders Model : 535 II
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At Africa Machinery For Sale, you will find all types of Forestry Equipment Skidders. A skidder is any type of heavy vehicle used in a logging operation for pulling cut trees out of a forest in a process called "skidding", in which the logs are transported from the cutting site to a landing. Here they are loaded onto trucks (or in times past, railroad cars or flumes), and sent to the mill. One exception is that in the early days of logging, when distances to the timberline from the mill were shorter, the landing stage was omitted altogether, and the "skidder" would have been used as the main road vehicle, in place of the trucks, railroad, or flume. Modern forms of skidders can pull trees with a cable/winch, just like the old steam donkeys, or a grapple or a clam-bunk.

The skidder can also be used for pulling tree stumps, pushing over small trees, and preliminary grading of a logging path known as a "skid road".
A positive thing about the skidder is that while wood is being yarded (pulled), tree particles and seeds are cultivated into the soil.

Cable skidders

On a cable skidder, the cable is reeled out and attached to a pull of cut timber, then the winch pulls the load toward the skidder. The winch or grapple holds the trees while the skidder drags them to a landing area. Cable skidders are less popular than in the past. They are more labor intensive than grapple skidders because someone (the operator or a second person) must drag the winch line out to the logs and hook them up. This is helpful where it is not possible to drive the machine close to the log (such as in steep hills).

Grapple skidders

Alternatively, some skidders have a hydraulic grapple bucket instead of a winch, and the bucket- attached to the skidder by a boom- grabs and lifts the timber.

There are three types of 'fixed boom' grapple skidders: a single function boom type with two hydraulic cylinders, only allowing the boom to lower in one position. The dual function booms, (such as the one pictured) which has four cylinders, which allows for adjusting the boom in two different places. The third type that permits the grapple boom to be swung from side to side allowing spread out trees to be grabbed at once.

In some areas, loggers have combined a hydraulic claw on the side the blade of their grapple skidders, making it possible to pile logs in some cases.(More commonly seen on cable skidders) This also permits hauling back bark and tops when returning from a "landing" to a cut block.

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