Business opportunities in Africa

While U.S. construction starts slipped slightly last year, machinery exports grew by double-digit percentage points, with shipments to Canada, Australia and Latin America leading the way.

This 43% export increase, reports the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, follows a 28% rise in 2010 after a steep 38% decline in 2009. Export sales continue to help U.S. construction equipment manufacturers stay open for business and sustain American jobs, especially with the domestic construction sector still recovering," says Al Cervero, vice president of Milwaukee-based AEM.

The value of machines shipped to other nations was $23.5 billion, says AEM. Top countries taking delivery of U.S. machinery included Canada ($7.2 billion), Australia ($2.7 billion), Mexico ($1.6 billion), Chile ($1.3 billion) and Brazil ($951 million). Others worth noting were China ($903 million), Colombia ($811 million), South Africa ($683 million), Russia ($652 million) and Peru ($572 million)

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